Chronic Sinusitis

Female 37yrs, 1 child (3yrs), chronic sinusitis since pregnancy; every morning will sneeze 20 times, eyes watering, nose running and blocked and would take anti-histamine tablet at least 1x daily but up to 3.

History: Mother with chronic sinusitis on very strong meds. Client didn’t want to end up like her mother but in the 3yrs since pregnancy, things getting progressively worse. Had tried homeopathy, which had helped but not as much as she would like.

Treatment: Hair test for allergies and intolerances – results showed a number of things including candida, strong dairy intolerance, some chemicals, fruits, yeast, etc. Client completely revamped diet (from McDonalds & take out, to mostly natural, homemade, wholefood food). Also used slippery elm and fish oil to heal her gut lining and reduce inflammation in the body, probiotics to support and balance her immune system and treat the candida.

Follow up:
1st Month – didn’t notice much change in sinuses, craved sugar and milk, lost 2 kg.
2nd and 3rd months – sinuses less itchy and anti-histamine use reduced by half, also client had lost 8kg after 3 months and was feeling really good. Used herbal tonic to stimulate healing and sinuses further.

After 5 months client had stopped using anti-histamines altogether and felt sinuses were much more under control. Client continued with strict diet for 7 months before starting to re-introduce foods. Some foods tolerated very successfully and now back on menu, others less tolerated and sinus reaction instant. Client now knows which foods to avoid and which are fine. Client has remained drug free for 5 months and feels in control again, and has maintained weight loss.