Digestive Issues

A 43yr old mother of two teenagers was experiencing increasing problems with her digestive function. She was bloated after meals, gassy, had abdominal cramping, erratic bowel movements and recently had started losing control and sensation of her lower bowel. She was very busy and stressed, as well as increasingly irritable and grumpy.

She was treated with probiotics and a nutritional supplement high in magnesium. Dietary changes were made to reduce irritation of the gut wall and to support a gentle detoxification process. She also had a herbal formula and key lifestyle changes to modify her body’s response to stress and increase her bowel control.

Four weeks later she was significantly less bloated & gassy, had not experienced anymore abdominal cramping and was having more regular bowel movements with increased control. In her home environment, several high-stress events had occurred at once and she felt she was slipping back into bad habits over the last few days. She was given a modified herbal formula for stress and Bach flowers to help keep her motivated and clear through the events.

Three months later she came back full of energy, had regular easy bowel motions, no bloating, cramping, embarrassing gas or lose of control.