A 29yr old woman arrived at the clinic with endometriosis, 21-day cycles, PMS, acne, diarrhoea & abdominal pain, mouth ulcers, recurrent infections, recent weight-gain and high stress levels. She had a long history with depression and anxiety, frequent mood swings, poor concentration and memory, and felt frustrated and irritable. She had also recently been told she had high anticardiolipin antibodies in her blood and that pregnancy would be difficult, although she wasn’t looking at conceiving yet.

She was hair-tested for allergies and given dietary modifications to remove several allergens from her food and environment. She began a gut-healing programme and liver cleanse to gently detox her body and repair her gut wall. Two nutritional supplements were given, a herbal formula to support her hormone levels and a Bach flower remedy for emotional support.

Four weeks later she no longer had diarrhoea, mouth ulcers or viral infections, and had significantly decreased bloating after meals. Her last cycle had been 27 days but was very painful and she felt very anxious over this time. Her skin was clearing up and she felt in a better mood, less erratic. She had also lost 3kg.

She was treated with a modified herbal formula to address the painful menstruation and anxiety. Further dietary changes were made to address the bloating after meals and the client continued her gut and liver cleanse for another three months. She also implemented several lifestyle changes.

Three months later, her skin was clear and glowing, her digestive problems were largely gone, she had lost 8kg, had been free of infections and mouth ulcers for months. She felt happy, relaxed and emotionally stable. Her cycles were 28 days and menstrual pain had significantly reduced to a point where she no longer needed pharmaceutical pain killers. She regularly used a herbal tonic 3 days prior to menstruation (5 days total) to give her body extra support. Seven months after her initial consultation she had another blood test, which showed anticardiolipin antibodies significantly reduced to non-threatening levels for pregnancy.