A 54 yr old woman presented with menopausal symptoms of hot flushes, general aches & pains, problems sleeping and anxiety. She had a long history of anaemia and constant low energy. Upon further investigation it became clear that she was having trouble absorbing nutrients.

Dietary modification was made to ensure the food she was eating had maximum ability for absorption and not in competition with other nutrients. She was given a nutritional supplement and a digestive support supplement to maximise digestion. A herbal formula was also prescribed to address her menopausal symptoms.

One month later the hot flushes had significantly reduced to the point she hardly noticed them anymore. Her body felt more comfortable and she was able to walk, garden and play tennis more freely. She was still having some disturbed sleep and Bach flowers and a homeopathic were given to address this.

Six months later she returned saying she felt like a new woman! Her energy levels felt good and recent blood tests had shown normal iron levels for the first time in years.