Recurrent Infections & Fertility

A 35yr old woman presented at the clinic with frequent viral infections and recurrent cold sore attacks including at least one annual attack involving 6+ cold sores over her lips, chin, cheeks and up her nostrils. She had constant mild acne and had been trying to get pregnant for 5 months. She felt constantly tired, irritable, anxious and mildly depressed.

Her diet was modified to minimise blood sugar fluctuations and increase her energy levels throughout the day. Nutritional supplements and a herbal formula were prescribed to support her immune system and she began the sympto-thermal method of charting for fertility. Lifestyle changes were made in preparation for pregnancy.

One month later she had not had any cold sores or cold infections. She had a lot more energy and felt significantly less grumpy and irritable. Her skin was clearing up slowly but she still felt mildly depressed. The results of her charting showed she was low in progesterone. She was treated with a different herbal formula and Bach flowers to help address her emotional symptoms. She continued with the diet, lifestyle changes and charting as part of her preconception preparation.

Over the next three months she continued attending the clinic every month assessing her hormonal cycles and progress with the dietary and lifestyle modifications. Her skin continued to heal and she had not had anymore cold sores. Emotionally she was feeling increasingly more stable, happy and optimistic. She continued being treated with nutritional supplements and a herbal tonic for hormonal support.

Four months after her initial consultation, she and her partner decided to try again for a conception and at her next monthly appointment she was delighted to be 6 weeks pregnant. Her skin continued to be clear, had no more cold sores and she still felt happy, optimistic, energetic.