Unexplained Infertility

Couple: Female, 36yrs, Male 39yrs presented with unexplained infertility after trying to conceive for 2yrs unsuccessfully. Their GP had run simple tests, nothing came up, so referred them to fertility specialist for possible IVF.

History: recurrent viral infections in both partners for a number of years, both overweight, quite stressed at work and very tired (sleeping 10hrs a night). Female: digestive bloating, anxiety (history of anti-depressant use) and painful periods. Also couple had just renovated house.

Treatment: Couple started very gentle detoxification for 3 months and agreed not to try and conceive in this time. Detoxification involved slow and significant diet changes, couple started doing very gentle exercise and also cleaned up environmental toxins and non-iodising radiation from house (ie removed electric blanket etc). Female patient started charting (Sympto-thermal technique using basal body temperatures and cervical mucus observations) and we discussed her body’s natural fertility cycle, and when the best time to conceive is. Both partners took herbal formula, three nutritional supplements to support fertility.

Follow up 4 weeks later: Fertility charting confirmed ovulation but showed that progesterone was very low and would often fall significantly 4-6 days after ovulation. Couple had lost about 3kg each, had more energy in mornings but still very tired at night. No viral infections.

After 3 months ovulation was strong and progesterone more stable with use of the herbs. The couple had lost about 8kg each and were feeling really good. Neither partner had been sick with any viral infections, and energy levels were high and more consistent throughout day. The couple also had more energy for each other and their relationship. After 4 months the couple decided to try to conceive again and success! Client is now 20 weeks pregnant and feeling very well and everyone is healthy.