How Zest Natural Health Can Help You

Many conditions in the body can be treated or managed very effectively using natural medicine. Zest Natural Health can help you with a range of different conditions including:

Women’s health Healthy woman 2

Living through a monthly cycle of pain, erratic mood swings, sore breasts, hot flushes, heavy bleeding, fatigue, headaches, thrush, UTI’s etc is NOT considered normal! If this is you, then help is available!
Zest Natural Health can provide you with solutions to health conditions for every woman, from puberty to menopause. Dealing with complex women’s health issues such as menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, PMS, Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premature Ovarian Failure, depression, thrush, cystitis and so on, is what Zest Natural Health specialises in!


Preconception care for both partners is the key to providing your baby with the very best start in life and is of critical importance to the prevention of many health conditions affecting children today. By creating optimal health in both prospective parents four months prior to conception, your child will have the best possible start in life.
Providing solutions to issues of infertility and recurrent miscarriage is a specialty area for Zest Natural Health. Whether you and your partner are just beginning your fertility journey or have already sort help through IVF, we offer a number of solutions using clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, detoxification, stress management and charting techniques to optimise conception chances. At all stages, Zest Natural Health will work with your medical doctors to ensure you are receiving the best of both worlds. Research also shows that when naturopathic treatment and fertility awareness combine with an IVF conception attempt there is a higher chance of success.


Some women fly through pregnancy with no worries, for others the journey isn’t so easy. Zest Natural Health can assist you during your pregnancy to alleviate common complaints such as insomnia, thrush, morning sickness, heartburn, anaemia, headaches, indigestion, constipation, cystitis, post-natal depression and so on. There are a number of natural solutions that are available for pregnant woman that are safe, effective and easy to use.


Is your child living in optimum health and vitality? As children grow their immune systems also develop, this means that while they are young, children are sensitive to all sorts of things in their environment. Zest Natural Health can restore optimum health in your child, assisting with food allergies and intolerances, sleeping problems, recurrent infections, digestive problems and more. The world of natural medicine has a large number of options available for children’s health that are safe and effective to use for children of all ages.

General Health

Live everyday with energy, vitality and Zest! Many women experience problems with digestion, allergies, nervous tension, headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia, thrush, acne, depression, weight-gain, varicose veins, stress, asthma, cystitis, toxicity, constipation, haemorrhoids, heartburn, recurrent infections, food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies and more. All these conditions and more respond very well with natural medicine.


Cleanse, balance, refresh, energise, relax, indulge and enjoy with the Whole Life Vitality Delicious Detox programme! Cleanse every aspect of your life with our comprehensive detox plan designed to help return you to life full of Zest, vitality and passion!


Gain energy, vitality and immense physical wellness with the Whole Life Vitality Sensational Silhouette programme! All aspects of your health and wellness are assessed and a personalised plan, devised especially for you, will have you dropping kilos and gaining energy!