“Kimberly, I’m so grateful for your big part in Oskar coming into the world…and for helping me thru a very difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Claire, 34, Wellington

“Elise is here and she’s perfect! We can’t thank you enough for getting my health sorted so we could be in this position in the first place. I don’t think there are words to express how grateful we are!!  It’s been wonderful just to trust you implicitly and get such amazing results, as well as being so much more aware of my own health.  After all this time, I still can’t believe I ovulated naturally on my own and now we have a healthy baby girl; you really are a miracle worker!  Thanks again, Kimberly – you are incredible!!”

Melina, 29, Lower Hutt

“For the first time in nearly 3 years, I feel as if I know what’s wrong with me and what I can do to fix it”

Tania, 35, Lower Hutt

“After 8 years and 9 IVF cycles my husband and I came to see Kimberly hoping to conceive a much sought after second child (we have a son from IVF no. 5). We followed Kimberly’s treatment plan for the three months preceding our 10th and final IVF cycle and were ecstatic to find out that the cycle was successful – I am now 12 weeks pregnant. My husband and I can’t thank Kimberly enough as I am certain that it was her program that made a difference this time around. Not only is Kimberly a very knowledgeable practitioner but she is also a lovely person – thank you Kimberly for all your patience and for calmly talking me through some of the more ‘stressful’ moments associated with the ‘assisted conception’ process!”

Jodi, 34, Lower Hutt

“I went to see Kimberly when my partner and I had been trying to get pregnant for 9mths; we wanted to ensure that we were healthy and assisting our fertility in the best way, naturally. Kimberly recommended an individualised pre-conceptive programme including herbs and vitamins for both of us and provided invaluable information/guidance relating to natural fertility healthcare. 5mths later we were thrilled to discover we were pregnant and again Kimberly has been a constant support throughout, including advising me on vitamins and herbs to take throughout my pregnancy and in preparation for the birth. Her expert knowledge and obvious passion for natural health care and fertility has meant everything at a time that can often be stressful! I would recommend Kimberly to anyone trying to get pregnant as her guidance means that you know you are doing the best for your body and in turn your growing baby.”

Tracy, 33, Wellington

“We had been through two unsuccessful rounds of IVF prior to approaching Kimberly for assistance. Kimberly explored other causes for the IVF rounds not being successful and suggested changes to diet, exercise and also herbs and supplements to assist us which were beyond the assistance offered by doctors. Arguably, as a result our third round of IVF was successful and we are progressing through a healthy pregnancy. We appreciate all the help and assistance that Kimberly provided through our infertility.”

Megan, 36, Wellington

“At about 13 weeks pregnant, I went to see Kimberly Taylor for digestion problems. I have suffered from Candida infections in the past but pregnancy took it to a whole new level! At our first appointment, Kimberly explained clearly how my system was working and how it could be helped. Within a few weeks of starting on supplements, different food choices for meals and homeopathic remedies, I noticed a huge difference. Now, at 18 weeks, my digestion is working regularly and I feel as though I can properly enjoy my pregnancy. Thank you so much, Kimberly!”

Elsie, 31, Pukerua Bay

“I went to Kimberly as I was suffering from a recurring bladder infection and was constantly on antibiotics. My treatment was in two stages. I continued on the antibiotics for 2 weeks whilst taking some supplements and eliminating certain foods from my diet to get my system in better shape. Kimberly then changed and added some more natural remedies which I continued with for 4 weeks after I stopped taking the antibiotics – no more problems. That was 3 months ago and I have been symptom-free ever since. Thanks Kimberly.”

Debbie, 56, Wellington

“I’d been suffering from adult acne for a few years. I had also been having some uncomfortable digestive problems which had gotten particularly bad in the last six months. After seeing Kimberly, making some changes to my diet, and trying some of her other natural treatments, my skin has cleared up and my tummy is feeling so much better as well! I finally feel as though I have control over my symptoms and will know what to do if they flare up again.”

Carly, 28, Wellington

“I went to see Kimberly as I was suffering from headaches, nausea, minor anxiety and general tiredness and over the counter medications were not making me feel better. After a thorough consultation and review of possible internal and external contributors, Kimberly suggested I remove the amount of sugar I have in my diet and add more protein and vegetables. With the change in diet and the support of natural supplements, over time my energy levels have increased and my headaches, nausea and anxiety have all but ceased. Along the way my progress was monitored and adjusted if some of the suggestions were not working for me. I am enjoying the lifestyle change – thanks so much Kimberly.”

Tracey, 27, Wellington

“After reading Kimberly’s website I knew she was the lady for me. I had been in a very dark space for quite a while and had tried many other natural alternatives and therapies to no avail. Kimberly offered me hope straight away with various options on offer and followed through with regular consultations. With a combination of Kimberly’s professional life skills, herbal supplements, subtle changes to my diet, coaching and most importantly listening to me, I came through that tunnel and out the other end. My life now is so much more balanced, a lot less stressful and less anxious for myself and my family and most importantly enjoyable. THANK YOU so much Kimberly for all your help and friendship – its been amazing journey and one for which I am grateful to you for helping me through”

Karen, 44, Wellington

“Having suffered for many years with digestion problems,  pain at night, reflux ,bloating etc,  I was recommended to see Kimberly. After an intolerence test showed a number of intolerences Kimberly started me on a new eating plan and  some homopathic remedies.  Cutting out the foods that had upset my digestion and restarting others back after a break have solved the problems that I have had for years.  My blood pressure and cholestrol have also reduced considerably.  As well as feeling better for eating healthy, I have also lost some weight with very little effort.  Thanks to Kimberly I now know what foods to avoid for pain free eating.”

Lorraine, 64, Wellington