Whole Life Vitality

healthy-woman-leaping_normalThe Whole Life Vitality program is a simple yet effective healthy eating plan to improve energy, vitality and weight management.  It incorporates delicious, nutritious meals vegesconsisting of good quality protein, fresh vegetables and fruits.  In conjunction with regular exercise and recommended nutritional supplements, this programme can result in increased energy, increase in muscle mass and a reduction in body fat.  The Whole Life Vitality – Eating for Health program is not a diet.  It is a way of eating that can be easily adhered to over the long term.


Compliance with Whole Life Vitality is easy:

  • No need to weigh foods or count calories
  • Can be adapted to suit gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan diets
  • This is not a low carbohydrate diet but rather an eating plan that provides the optimal balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein
  • No special foods needed
  • The whole family can eat the same healthy, delicious meals
  • Snacks are allowed
  • You will quickly feel energised and have increased confidence and well-being


What to Expect

When doing the Eating for Health programme you can expect an hour long initial consultation, two follow up consultations, a manual containing recipes, menu plans, your own health journal, initial core supplements and ongoing support over those six weeks.

Within the initial consultation we will discuss your individual health needs, whether this programme is ideal for you and we will make a plan to achieve your specific health goals.

Follow up consultations will be planned for mid-programme and at the end of the programme. Where we will check in and see how you are going and then look at ‘where to from here’.

The Whole Life Vitality – Eating for Health programme is a way of learning best health practices and provides a foundation of knowledge that will support you throughout your life. The programme is individualised to meet your personal requirements in order to support and enable you to begin your pathway to optimal health and vitality.


The programme would generally run as outlined below:

Initial 90 minute consult:  Initial consult. Programme explanation. Tailor programme to suit your needs. Set goals in journal. Take measurements. Receive your first supply of supplements.

Week 1: Preparation week: shopping, reading manual, explore recipes and exercise plan.  Email support provided.

Week 2: Programme week 1: Undertakes week one of the programme as per journal. Email support provided.

Week 3: Programme week 2: Undertake week two of programme as per journal.  15 minute consult either week 3 or 4. During the consult any questions are answered. Measurements are taken. Support provided.

Week 4: Programme week 3: Undertake week three of programme as per journal. Email support provided.

Week 5: Programme week 4: Undertake week three of programme as per journal.  Email support provided.

Week 6: 45 minute follow up consult. During this last consult we will discuss ‘where to from here’.  We may decide to change our treatment plan to address any chronic illnesses. ie, reproductive issues, adrenal issues etc, you may want to undertake the Detox for Health programme, or you may be happy to continue freestyling the Whole Life Vitality programme.  During the week you will freestyle the diet without the journal and see how it will feel to integrate this programme into everyday life.