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Kimberly Taylor – ND, Dip.Herb.Med, Dip.Nut, MNZAMH, ITEC Comp Med, BA, BCom

NaturKLTopath, Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and Natural Fertility Specialist

About Me:

Healthy bodies make healthy babies and in my clinic I have the incredible joy of working with couples through their fertility journey.  For some, it is just as they begin to think about starting a family and all that it involves.  For others the journey is harder, perhaps been ongoing for some time and involving IVF procedures.  I am a medical herbalist, clinical nutritionist & naturopath specialising in reproductive endocrine health and find it incredibly rewarding working with couples to address various health concerns to ultimately increase their fertility and ability to conceive, carry & deliver a truly healthy baby.  By specialising in this field, I see a wide variety of female health conditions from endometriosis, PCOS, low ovarian reserve, dysfunctional bleeding and so on.  Fertility is not all about the woman, so addressing men’s health issues is an important area; improving sperm numbers, concentration, DNA and so on.  Alongside my work with fertility, I naturally see a wide variety of female hormonal issues across the spectrum from puberty to pregnancy to menopause and all the stages in between!  Many of my clients feel like they are struggling under the pressures of modern living and being a ‘superwoman’ to all.

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With a life-long interest in nutrition, health, food and cooking, I started my career in marketing and commerce after graduating from Otago University but soon changed direction.  While living in London, I studied diplomas in therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki and more.  After nearly four years, I headed back to New Zealand to complete qualifications in naturopathy, herbal medicine and clinical nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland.  After graduating I also completed a post-graduate diploma in fertility & reproductive health.

My enjoyment in working with fertility and women’s health issues developed strongly when studying and stemmed from my own health struggles with endometriosis.  Feeling and living the incredible difference a natural approach had for me is a huge motivator in helping other women.  This naturally led to the increased ability to conceive when deciding to have my own babies.  In recent years, research into all aspects of fertility as expanded tremendously.  Results have consistently shown just how important the preconception time is for influencing the future health of our children.  It is a marvellous privilege to be able to use the latest research findings to help women and couples achieve something so joyful in life.



Natalee Durrant – ND, Dip. Herb. Med

Natalee 2016Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

About Me:

I am passionate about enabling individuals to develop and maintain optimal health and I enjoy supporting people in attaining their own personal goals. I do this by combining my skills as a naturopath, herbalist and massage practitioner with my own personal life experiences and learnings.  I enjoy helping people with hormonal, digestive, adrenal and endocrine issues, particularly where this manifests into a state of exhaustion and depletion. Seeing clients flourish back into the happy joys of life is a wonderful treat!  Outside of the clinic, I have a huge love of animals and getting into the great outdoors.

Training & Influences:

I graduated as a naturopath and medical herbalist in 2008 and have worked within the health industry as a consulting retail naturopath ever since. I enjoy learning and increasing my knowledge; therefore I am continuously updating and acquiring new skills and information, which I apply within both the retail and private clinic environment.  Most recently, I completed a post-graduate diploma in fertility & reproductive health.