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Key Speciality Areas

Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine can support a wide range of conditions. 

As a reproductive endocrine & hormonal health practitioner these areas are where I commonly treat patients using realistic natural health solutions tailored to the individual


Significant research into fertility has occurred over the last decade, and one of the key findings is that the health of the parents before conception can have a significant impact on the health of the child.  Preconception health is proving to be more and more important to a child’s long term health & wellbeing, not just as they grow and develop through childhood but well into their adult years too.

The fertility journey is always emotional and whether you are at the beginning just starting to plan your family, or already trying and struggling to conceive, there are evidence-based natural health solutions that can help.  Depending on what has happened to date, we can use a combination of diet & nutrition support with targeted quality supplements, herbal medicine & lifestyle recommendations to create the tailored treatment plan for your needs.  Working from a whole body, functional medicine approach means we look at a range of different testing methods, see what medical testing has happened so far and review.  

In clinic, it is common to see couples who have experienced miscarriage & pregnancy loss, failure to conceive, low AMH, known gynecological issues effecting fertility like PCOS, endometriosis & fibroids, sperm issues/low sperm count, poor egg quality, and more.  Many couples I work with are also exploring options through a fertility clinic along the IVF route, some having already tried.  Navigating the fertility path does not need to be an either/or approach and we always seek to compliment the treatment plan for the best possible outcome for you and your partner. 

At all times I seek to make recommendations that are practical and realistic for your life.  Typically we work in stages through a treatment plan and regularly reviewing the process, assessing the information gathered and the body’s response.  Many couples report feeling increased energy, and a greater sense of health & wellbeing as we go.

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Women's Health & Perimenopause

For women, hormones can bring us the greatest joys in life, and be the greatest pain in the neck!  They can also swing wildly from one fluctuation to the other and leave us feeling at the mercy of their whims, totally confused and out of control of in our own body.  


Many gynecological conditions can be greatly improved through naturopathy and herbal medicine, it is an area where natural medicine really shines. In clinic, it is common to see women with a range of conditions from PMS, dysfunctional uterine bleeding to endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, PMDD and more. Depending on diagnosis, what life stage each woman is at, the severity of symptoms, and other influencing factors will all be considered when a treatment plan is created. 

Perimenopause (the years proceeding menopause) are now being recognized as a highly turbulent time for many women and referred to as the “second puberty”.  The other aspect that is now being increasingly recognized is that these perimenopausal changes can start as early as our late 30’s and last for years. Menopause itself is the end stage.  Experiencing perimenopausal symptoms with a toddler at your feet is not an unusual thing.

The goal in clinic is to smooth the transition and find more harmony with your hormones, not to stop the process in its tracks or shut down your body’s natural rhythms but rather work to find more balance.

This is similar for other gynecological conditions too, our goal in clinic is to find a harmony and natural rhythm with your hormones, identify triggers which make your condition worse, protect your fertility and live a life in less hormonal turmoil and pain.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

Congratulations! You’re having a baby and now there are many decisions to make and conflicting advice and everyone has an opinion!  It can be hard navigating these months, knowing what’s best to eat for your body, as well as knowing what to avoid, feeling tired and/or unwell and a multitude of other problems can emerge.  There’s also differing advice on supplements and herbs, what’s safe and what’s not.  But pregnancy can also be a wonderful time too, and a time when you can feel more connected physically & spiritually to the flow of mother nature, the cycles of life, the seasons and world around us. Every child feeds into the fabric of life, the connection of one life to the other and us to the earth. 

In clinic, I can help guide you through the trimesters of pregnancy in optimum health.  With the strained and under-resourced maternity services in the country having a consistency of care is something many women value.  Working in-step with your LMC, we look at diet and nutrition, exercise, ideal supplements, sleep and so forth, so you can experience your best pregnancy possible.  As you get closer to term and your labour, we will discuss prepartum preparation, breastfeeding & the all-important but often overlooked ‘4th trimester’. 

Post natal care and support is crucial and the early weeks can be some of the most stressful weeks/months of your life.  Often termed the fourth trimester, these first 3-4 months can be very difficult for mothers, physically and emotionally.  Having some strategies to look after yourself, knowledge on what foods are best to eat, what supplements and herbs could help nurture you and your baby to thrive, and where to go for help if things are not going to plan are all aspects we discuss and consider in clinic.  Together we help you to create healthy strategies to grow and support this unique stage of life, all the while enjoying those beautiful newborns snuggles.

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Family Wellness

When one family member is down, it impacts on everyone to some degree making life more demanding and hectic than usual.  As a Mum the health and wellness of my family is really important.  Having my own children has really helped shape my understanding and knowledge of the stresses of family life.  Just because I tell my daughter to eat all the vegetables on her plate doesn’t mean she’ll do it!  

The healing philosophy of naturopathy fits well with a holistic family wellness approach, supporting the body to use its innate healing mechanisms to bring babies, children, teenagers, and adults back to a sense of balance.  

Common ailments that present in clinic are recurrent infections, colds & flu, urinary tract infections, autoimmune conditions; digestive issues ranging from colic in babies, sore tummies in kids, to IBS in teenagers and adults; headaches; sleep issues and insomnia; anxiety, low mood and mental health issues, and more. 

There’s a broad range of problems that can respond well when given the appropriate food and fluids, corrected nutrient deficiencies and some changes to the lifestyle aspects that are potentially feeding into the problem.  Family lives are so busy these days that having some handy tricks to get everyone back into better health and a better rhythm can be gold.

Energy & Adrenal Health 

Energy is one of those things you take for granted until it’s not really there anymore.  There are so many reasons why a person can be low in energy and sometimes it’s a simple fix, like iron tablets in anemia but often it’s far more complex than that.  And that’s because humans are complex beings with emotional and physical needs.

 In clinic, it’s really common to see people who have run themselves into the ground with stress and anxiety, pushing their adrenal glands (the ones that help us respond to stress) to exhaustion and leaving themselves exhausted and deficient in the process. 


Turning stress “off” is often not an option but the way in which we approach it and how we help our body and mind deal with stress is key in reducing the physical manifestations that it can have. 

Naturopathically there are foods and fluids that can both help and hind the stress response processes, foods that adrenals crave to help themselves heal, and a range of amazing herbs to nourish the adrenal glands and bring them back into a state of balance and harmony.  Bringing back your day-to-day energy can often take a holistic approach to a problem that has typically been brewing away for years.

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A healthy outside starts from the inside

Digestive Health 

In recent years a huge amount of research into the digestive tract and the incredible microbiome that lives within us has really shined a light on how to treat a multitude of digestive complaints.  We are still learning and discovering so many amazing connections between the health of our microbiome and the health of our whole body. 

This research has also shaped how we tend to treat digestive problems now, recognizing the delicate balance of our natural flora, both good and bad.  Appropriate nutrition will help that beneficial bacterial flora thrive and grow strong, while inappropriate foods can damage it leaving the flora struggling in parts and out of balance.


In clinic, all the common digestive issues appear daily from bloating, pain, IBS, indigestion, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, food intolerances and the multitude of issues that go along with a struggling digestive system.  These things never exist in isolation so a poor immune system, skin complaints, headaches, hormonal issues, mental health issues and many more usually accompany a tummy that isn’t happy.  

When treating these complaints naturopathically we look at the food most commonly eaten, the fluids consumed and many other lifestyle aspects that contribute to digestion – stress, medications, exercise, sleep… There is a vast range of nutritional gut support products available now so a skilled and qualified naturopath and herbalist is best to guide you with finding the harmony your digestion is looking for.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - unknown

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